This guide does not guarantee that a request will be granted. All proposals received will be evaluated on its potential value within the County United Way footprint, including Allegany, Garrett, Hampshire, and Mineral Counties.

County United Way wishes to provide a broader array of funding opportunities. Live United grants are a mechanism for responsiveness to community needs, and to potentially reach all corners of the organization’s footprint.

Grant opportunities exist on a quarterly basis and continued funding may be considered for additional quarterly funding of programs that show need and success.

Grants will be considered from nonprofit organizations that are in good standing with the IRS, eligible churches, government agencies, and schools. Individuals and groups who wish to present a community project must first obtain a partnership with an eligible 501c3 organization. The service must be provided within the County United Way footprint.

Organizations must comply with the requirements of County United Way and certify compliance with the USA Patriot Act, complete a W-9 and, if awarded, abide by the following criteria:

  • agree to an investment (check) presentation, which will be marketed by County United Way;
  • agree to market and promote the funded project by County United Way in various channels, including news releases, printed materials to advertise the program/project, website, and social media (and other avenues as approved);
  • dollars must be spent from one quarter before eligiblitiy is considered for a future quarter(s); all awarded dollars from any quarter must be spent by or before June 30, 2021;
  • complete a final report by its due date.

Funding Considerations
Maximum funding requests in Allegany County = $1,500
Maximum funding requests in Garrett, Hampshire and Mineral Counties = $500

Funding consideration will be given to all proposals unless it clearly is not aligned with the mission of County United Way.

Requests that meet needs associated with education, financial stability, health, and/or basic needs, or opportunities and experiences for youth will be considered favorably. Other considerations will be given if deemed appropriate.

Requests for equipment priced at $500 or more will include the expected lifespan of the equipment and any projected maintenance costs and will include at least two quotes. Specific recognition of purchase will be reviewed if awarded.

County United Way cannot meet every need and therefore will not accept applications for:
*after-the-fact support
*operating deficits

Organizations should not view these grants as an ongoing funding stream for annual projects. Consideration will be given on a quarterly and annual basis. Repetitive requests must meet spending stipulations.

Live United Grant Application

Live United Budget Form