Mineral County Agency Funding Requests



Thank you for your interest in United Way of Mineral County grants. In our application you will find requests for information that are going to be vital to United Way during the campaign season each fall. If you have any questions regarding this application please do not hesitate to ask.

United Way of Mineral County, like other local United Ways, is going through a re-positioning that has been set forth by United Way Worldwide. As a result, United Way Worldwide is focusing our efforts into three focus areas:  Education, Income and Health. United Way of Mineral County is now asking that agencies define their programs within these three focus areas.

Furthermore, we are looking for programs that have measurable outcomes. Programs for which you are applying for funding need to make a measurable impact on those residents using the services. So, please think about what outcomes result from the use of these programs (i.e. kindergarten preparedness, financial literacy, financial literacy, budget management, healthy lifestyles and choices, drug awareness and prevention).

Collaboration with other organizations in the community is strongly suggested and will be looked upon favorably.


Michele Brinsfield & Pam Jan
United Way of Mineral County
Community Response Co-Chairs

**Upon completion of the online application, you will receive a confirmation email with further instruction and a list of additional items needed to complete your application.**

Funding Application

Your funding request requires a program budget, which can be downloaded here.  

Please note that new this year is a required PROGRAM EVALUATION that should be completed by January 15, 2018 after 6 months of funding.  The evaluation can be found here.