We understand the needs in our own communities.
We are local.  We are engaged in the challenges that face Western Maryland and its surrounding areas.  Through local partnerships and 2-1-1, CUW has the resources available to provide help and assistance in every community.

We help those who are most vulnerable.
Our partnerships give us the ability to be aware of the health and human needs across our region, which has consistently been poverty.  CUW supports the agencies who help our friends and neighbors pull themselves up and thrive.

We know what works.
For nearly 60 years, our organization has worked with the leading health and human service providers in the region to improve lives.

We respect your right to make your own choice.
We want you to make an informed choice.  When you choose CUW and give to general campaigns, you’re fulfilling basic needs such as food, shelter and access to prescription drugs.  When you choose to give to any other non-profit organization within the United States, we are fulfilling that wish through our designation program.

Your donation is always 100% tax deductible.
Contributions to CUW are tax deductible within the limits of current federal and state law.  No goods or services are provided in exchange for your contribution.  A coy of the most current financial statement is available upon request by contacting County United Way at 101 S. Centre Street, Cumberland, MD 21502 or 301-722-2700.