The Rotary Club has asked County United Way to help at their French Fry Booth at the Garrett County Fair on Saturday, August 7. In exchange for volunteering and supporting the club’s efforts, the Rotary Club will make a donation to CUW. We can use your help to man the booth.

We’ll be manning the booth from 12 noon – 9 pm. The shifts are divided by the Rotary from 12-5 and 5-9. However, we can divide the shifts as we see fit as long as we have four volunteers working at all times. We would love to have 12 volunteers so the shifts can be broken into shorter periods – 12 noon – 3 pm, 3 – 6 pm and 6 – 9 pm. That way, no one has to work long hours and can still have time to enjoy all the fair activities.

If you’d like to be part of our CUW team, please contact Michele at michele@cuw.org


If you’re able to get out for this volunteer program, but want to support United Way’s work in Garrett County, you can donate on-line at this link: https://cuw.org/garrett-county-donation/