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Allegany County 

Associated Charities – Health + Housing = Community Wellness 
With assistance from Associated Charities, emergency medications are provided to treat illnesses  and to provide the client the ability to manage chronic conditions in a timely fashion at no  expense to them. Associated Charities offers the client the ability to improve their quality of life,  regain health and wellness. This reduces stress and anxiety suffered by not being able to afford  medications or co-pays. Continuous access to medications leads to improved health and the  ability to fully participate in community through work, volunteering, and fulfilling family  obligations. Other types of emergency assistance maintain the family's ability to remain in safe  affordable housing by ensuring utility and rental payments are made. The family does not have  to choose between the household expense or food. 

Allegany Youth Enrichment Program Services (AYEPS) - Youth Center
Offers a safe, secure and structured environment where the youth can go to participate with  persons their own age. Through this they learn team building, leadership and self-esteem.
The program focuses on middle and high school children who may be traveling down the wrong  path, are homeless, have been bullied, have low self-esteem, are in need of someone to believe in  them or just want to become involved in something productive. Children reported making better  decisions after participation in the program. 

Family Crisis Resource Center - Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange
The focus of supervised visitation and safe exchange is to provide safety and reduce the  likelihood of violence while providing an opportunity for a non-custodial parent to see their  children. 

Horizon Goodwill - Removing Barriers, Creating Opportunities 
The program helps move people out of poverty by offering a hands on approach for the  individual and family needs. With case management and housing navigation, the wrap around  services help to establish resources and connections to job training, employment and housing. 

Individuals, through the job readiness training program have successfully completed the  programs and were able to obtain employment with Horizon Goodwill, complete 90 temporary  labor training hours or have been able to utilize the skills obtained to find employment and  housing in the community. 

Pressley Ridge – The Homebuilders Program
Allegany County Department of Social Services refers families at risk who receive intensive, in  home crisis intervention, mental health and substance use counseling, life-skills, education for  families who have children at imminent risk of placement in foster care, residential facilities,  psychiatric hospitals and/or group homes. The goal of the program is prevent unnecessary out-of home placement of children through intensive, on site intervention, and to teach families new  problem-solving skills to prevent further crises. 

The Salvation Army – The Red Shield Club 
The Salvation Army partners with the Boys & Girls Club of America to bring the Red Shield Club to their service area. While the program is available to all families, they have targeted low  to moderate income families for membership to the Club. Education and health are priorities of  the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and as a partner agency, the Salvation Army focuses on  that as well, with the goal to help Club members receive the education and tools that they need to  move out of poverty. 

Union Rescue Mission – The Homeless Meal Program 
The Homeless Meal Program combats food scarcity by providing meals to those in need. Meals  are provided, on schedule, three times daily, and made available to any and all in need, without  fail, The goal of the program is to efficiently feed as many persons in need as possible. 

Western Maryland Food Bank (WMFB) – Feeding the Hungry 
WMFB is able to help alleviate hunger and financial stress on individuals and families locally.  Their hope is to continue to impact clients by improving their quality of life. Having the needed  amount of food in their households will help children learn and adults to more productive  members of society. WMFB strives to lessen the financial stress placed on those in need by the  continued increases of food prices. 

YMCA Gilchrist Family Center – Relatives As Parents Program
The Relatives As Parents Program’s target population are families who have lost members due to  the opiod crisis in our community, who are raising other family member’s children, promeintly  grandparents, but can also be aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings. 

The program assists families in: 1) Linkages to financial resources available to them to assist  with parenting again 2) Linkages to other programs: senior job service, child care and education  programs. 3) Linkages to housing, mental health services and social services 4) Home visit  support, group presentations and support groups.  


Garrett County 

Garrett County Community Action Committee, Inc. – Meals On Wheels Program
The Meals On Wheels Program promotes the Garrett County Community Action Committee  strategy of creating an environment where vulnerable Garrett County residents have shelter,  food, access to health care and support on life skills, thereby increasing the number of families  and individuals who are economically self-sufficient and able to live independently. 

The target population of Meals On Wheels are seniors, age 60+, who are homebound and unable  to shop for or prepare food for themselves. This program provides vital support to seniors  wishing to remain independently living in their own homes. Many recipients have limited  income and high medical and medication expenses. 

Garrett County Community Action - The Partners After School Program
The Partners After School Program implements a two generational strategy to benefit the  parent/caregiver and the student. The activities center around stress management, lifestyle  choices and nutrition. Parent child activities include: “Your Positive Self” – to integrate a focus  on a positive future; “Mindfulness” – 15 minutes of mindfulness practice which helps to settle  the students’ minds as they transition from school to home; “Stress Management” – education lessons from the Garrett County Health Department - “Nutrition” – food education; “Parenting  Skills” – ACEs Education from the Garrett County Health Department.  


Hampshire County 

Catholic Charities of West Virginia - Stabilization 
In an effort to better help people move out of poverty, the Romney office of Catholic Charities  WV replaced its emergency assistance program with stabilization services. Stabilization services  involve helping clients address the immediate crisis while working to mitigate future  emergencies. Financial assistance with basic needs are provided to those clients who qualify for  the program. 

Slanesville Elementary School – After School Tutoring
Students attending the Slanesville Elementary School in grades 1 through 4 who need support in  math and reading are provided an opportunity to have a tutor after school to help them. The  children receiving tutoring achieve 100% of assignment completion.


Mineral County 

Catholic Charities of West Virginia – Stabilization
In an effort to better help people move out of poverty, the office of Catholic Charities WV  replaced its emergency assistance program with stabilization services. Stabilization services  involve helping clients address the immediate crisis while working to mitigate future  emergencies. Financial assistance with basic needs are provided to those clients who qualify for  the program. 

Mineral County Family Resource Network – Energy Express 
Energy Express is a 6-week program that provides continued learning during the summer and  food for those children who attend. 

In Appalachia, generational poverty is the norm. And often times a lack of education and ability  to read are also common generational deficits. Programs like Energy Express promote education  in a way that widens the young mind, reaches the home through family involvement, and  endorses continued learning. By providing the upcoming generation with the option of good  education, healthy meals and community support we allow the cultivation of a better Appalachia.  

Mineral County Family Resource Network – Court Appointed Special Advocate Closet  (CASA) 
The CASA Closet is a place where families in child abuse and neglect cases can obtain supplies  for reunification. Items like cribs, high chairs, clothing, etc. These items prepare parents for the  return of their children. Also included in the closet will be a resource guide to services that will  keep families together.  

Piedmont Library – Summer and Holiday Programs 
The goal continues to be to provide food and educational programs for the youth during the  holidays and the times they are out of school, which, will keep them active and have them  continue to be interested in reading and learning in a fun manner. It is also good for social  interaction.

All children in need will receive a bag of school supplies to be able to start school prepared, as  well as supply them with something to eat that they may not be able to get if they didn’t attend  the programming.  

Tri Towns After School Program 
The Tri-Towns After School Program provides a safe place for children pre-k through 8th grade  to go after school. Between 16 and 25 students attend regularly and receive help with their  homework from 7 or more volunteers. Assignments are completed and checked for accuracy. A  warm meal is also provided for all children who attend. For some, this warm meal serves as their  dinner. Food is also provided to children in the program during school breaks from other  organizations in the community.