Live United Grant Application

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Live United Application

Live United Grant Report 2022-2023

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AHEC West – The Possibility Shop
The grant award will be used to purchase sleeping pads and tree hammocks for individuals without stable housing. 

Associated Charities
Associated Charities provided an iPad to a resident of The Frostburg Housing Authority for her mental and physical health services and to be able to access other resources.

Boy Scouts of America – Laurel Highlands – Potomac District
To purchase additional Legos for Scouts to build and race Lego derby cars. 

Calvary Christian Academy
Dry meals will be purchased, packed and delivered by students to help fight hunger in our community. The award will purchase 1,500 meals. 

Civil Air Patrol
To help provide participants the ability to attend Maryland State Training. 

Civil Air Patrol were awarded funds to allow cadets to attend the Winter Pathfinder Academy, encampment, Team Rocketry Challenge and iFly.

Corriganville Volunteer Fire Department
CVFD recently placed into service a new drone response team and unit. The drone is the only one of its kind in the Tri-State area. Funds will be used to purchase additional batteries and an additional case to store the batteries ensuring longer flight times. 

Horizon Goodwill
To assist the Recreational Therapist at the Finan Center in providing back packs or small suitcase to be given to the residents of the facility upon discharge. In addition, Live United grant funds were requested and awarded to purchase bus passes and/or cab vouchers to assist Goodwill Horizon participants with their transportation needs. 

Horizon Goodwill were awarded funds to provide clients that have secured housing to obtain household necessities such as bedding, kitchen items and bathroom items.

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army was able to purchase pallet blankets to keep food at safe temperatures while in transport. The food is provided to their after school Red Shield Club.

Union Rescue Mission
Two heavy duty bunk beds will be purchased that will be utilized by both women and children. 



AHEC West Partnered with the Garrett County Health Department
AHEC West partnered with the Garrett County Health Department to provide cold weather items for the homeless such as hats, gloves and blankets.

Boy Scouts of America – Laurel Highlands Council – Potomac District – Garrett County
Funds will be used to purchase take home promotional items to increase awareness and recruitment of Cub Scouts. 

Broadford Elementary School
Creation of a classroom store for students to purchase, with “Bobcat Bucks”, items as a way to encourage good behavior. Students will also learn how to manage and count money. 

Cindy’s Fund
Funds will be used to help cancer patients cover the cost of pharmacy, physician and medical co-pays while receiving treatment. 

Civil Air Patrol
To assist cadet’s programs or training, emergency services gear and transportation costs. 

The Civil Air Patrol was awarded additional funds to help offset the cost of uniform necessities.

Dove Center (Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Resource Center)
Educational materials to put in take away bags for attendees during International Overdose Awareness Day. 

Garrett County Partnered with Children and Families
Garrett County Partner with Children and Families provided a hot spot for internet to a child that struggles with behavioral and attendance issues.

Garrett County Lighthouse
To help clients in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program attend a field trip to Smoke Hole Caverns. Each client will also be given money to utilize for a souvenir. 

Southern High School
To start a Personal Care Pantry for daily hygiene products for physical education and weight training students. 

Southern High School was awarded additional funds to purchase games to introduce non- traditional students to sports and activities. Socks, gloves, underwear, hats and other clothing were purchased for students in need.

Yough Glades Elementary School
The school store will be restocked with school supplies in order to maintain student’s interest in exhibiting positive behavior.



Boy Scouts of America – Laurel Highlands Council – Potomac District – Hampshire County
Funds will be used to purchase take home promotional items to increase awareness and recruitment of Cub Scouts. 

Civil Air Patrol
Funds from the grant will be used to purchase t-shirt for cadets in order to promote the Civil Air Patrol in civilian settings. 

Civil Air Patrol had additional funding awarded for the purchase of a parade banner.

Green Spring Kitchen and Thrift
Funds will be utilized to purchase basic necessities such as warm bed clothes, socks, underwear, blankets and sheets for five families for Christmas. 

Hampshire County High School
Hampshire County High School will provide the swim team with bags filled with towels and toiletries.

Hampshire County Library
Community needs will be met with the purchase of non-perishable foods and hygiene items to stock the food pantry located in the Davis House lawn. 

Slanesville Elementary School
To purchase colored ink and printers for teachers to provide color data charts and students with colored resources to allow for more meaningful learning opportunities.



Boy Scouts of America – Laurel Highlands Council – Potomac District – Mineral County
Funds will be used to purchase take home promotional items to increase awareness and recruitment of Cub Scouts. 

Civil Air Patrol
To purchase awards, supplies, food and drinks for the Squadron family picnic. 

Fountain Primary School
To stock the “reward” store with kid friendly items that improves both staff and students behaviors and attitudes towards school. 

Keyser Public Library
The Keyser Public Library is using funds to add seeds, spices and recipes to the Little Pantry as well as hygiene items.

Mineral County Aging Services
Keyser Senior Center would like to start a book club. Funds will allow the purchase of books, e- books, bookmarks and notebooks for each participants.

The Mineral County Aging and Family Services were awarded funding for their Meals on Wheels program. Funding was also awarded to provide fidget blankets for sensory stimulation to Dementia patients. 

Mineral County Family Resource Network & Keyser City Police Department
An increase in the homeless population in the city of Keyser has been experienced in recent months. Mineral County Family Resource Network has requested funds to purchase $10 gift cards from a local store for the Keyser City Police Department to distribute to homeless individuals. 

Mineral County Little League
To equip each coach with a first aid kit (25 coaches) and create a first aid station at the Mill Meadow field. 

WVU – Potomac Valley Hospital Smoking Cessation Program
Due to individuals experiencing delays receiving nicotine patches, gum and lozenges, funding will be used to purchase these items at a discount price for participants. Most participants experience a delay due to the cumbersome process that is required by WV Quitline and some insurances.