County United Way Anchors New Garrett County Partnership

CUMBERLAND MD – Grant funding for County United Way is one of many community dynamics that changed as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.

A recent joint announcement from CUW, Garrett County Community Action and Christian Crossing demonstrated the value of area agency networking in the award of a $17,500 CareFirst of Maryland COVID-19 grant for use in Garrett County.

The original grant was in the amount of $35,000 to be split between Allegany and Garrett County non-profits, according to CUW Executive Director Michele Walker.

“Our Finance Director, Misty Deal, works closely with our Garrett County partners and she contacted Garrett County Community Action to qualify community recipients in their county,” Walker explained.

GCCA qualified applicants and paid a portion of their needs with CareFirst funds, then reached out to Christian Crossings to provide the remainder of individual’s needs during the program.

During 2021, County United Way announced a more proactive approach to both funding and creating community partnership and is sharing this project to their stakeholders as a good example of how that process can work.